Learn to Ride a Horse

You can’t learn to ride a horse from a website, book, or video. The best way to learn to ride a horse is with a competent coach or instructor, who can catch bad habits before they become ingrained, advise you of mistakes you may be making, encourage you, and offer advice to keep you safe and comfortable.

But you can prepare and learn what you’ll be learning once you’re on a horse whether you plan to learn to ride English or Western. Here’s what you’ll need to learn to competently ride a horse.

Before You Begin Your Ride

The first things you’ll learn about riding may not be actual riding skills. You may come across riding schools where you’ll simply get on the horse and start riding. But learning to tie groom, and lead are essential skills that help you learn to understand horses, stay safe, and increase your enjoyment. This is especially important if you plan to head out alone once you’re able.

Saddle Up

With your horse safely tied and groomed, it’s time to saddle up for your ride. Learn how to put on an English or Western saddle and bridle, and how to do up the cinch on a Western saddle.

Mounting Up

With your horse waiting, groomed, saddled up, and ready to ride, you’ll want to get going. But don’t rush things: It’s important to understand how to mount your horse and once you’re up there how to sit correctly in the saddle as you ride.

Walk On

When you first begin riding, you will feel awkward and unbalanced. You may feel unable to make all your body parts do all the things they are supposed to at the same time. You may be using muscles not familiar with the job you are asking, and have difficulty remembering all you are supposed to do. The key is practice.

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