Things to Know When Buying a Horse

Buying a horse or pony for the first time is an exciting experience. It’s easy to get carried away by a big set of brown eyes, even though the horse batting them may not be the best beginner horse. However, the wrong horse can ruin the fun of horseback riding or driving and maybe unsafe. Learn to avoid the top mistakes that new horse buyers make.

Many experienced horsemen and women will tell you they see this too often. Because untrained horses are often cheaper, or for whatever other whim, beginner riders will choose untrained horses. Don’t buy a horse that you plan to train yourself or even send to a trainer. Training can take months. It can be dangerous if not done right. Young or inexperienced mature horses are not reliable. Beginners will be safer and happier with a horse they can enjoy the moment it gets off the trailer.

An older horse, who has seen the world, makes a great beginner horse. Beginners might shy away from a horse into their late teens and twenties. However, many healthy, sound horses can be ridden well into their senior years. In fact, light daily exercise, such as a quiet hack or drive may be beneficial to both horse and rider/driver.

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